How to make a one-off or regular donation

Easily make one-off or monthly donations

Our donation platform is super secure and makes it easy to donate to the school through our FOHMS website. 

All donations made through our website are absolutely voluntary and your payment details are kept confidential in the way other online payment platforms keep your information safe and secure.

Where your donation goes

Through one-off or monthly donations from families, we can raise money to help the school to continue to offer outstanding provision and school improvement projects that can’t be funded from the school’s state budget, safeguarding the broad and varied curriculum of which Henry Maynard is proud.

  • A one-off donation of £50 or a regular donation of £5 per month could help buy classroom resources, art materials or sports equipment


  • A one-off donation of £100 or around £10 per month could help the school to be able to offer our children as many enriching learning oportunities as possible


  • £20 per month could help plan and pay for IT equipment such as interactive whiteboards, tablets, software licences or laptops


Boost your donation

Our donation platform allows the School to claim 25% Gift Aid on the donations that are made so please add tick this box. 



All donations made through our website are absolutely voluntary and confidential, and the money raised will always be put towards ensuring that Henry Maynard children continue to receive an excellent education.



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