NEW Playground Unveiled At Next Week's AGM + Volunteer & Vote

pirate ship playground reception henry maynard school

The school's brand new playground will be revealed to our community at next week's FOHMS' AGM on Wednesday. This is a rare opportunity to see it unless you have children in Reception, so come along and maybe try it out yourself! You'll also be able to volunteer and vote for roles on FOHMS' Committee and Board of Trustees.

The playground was built over the Summer holidays and financed entirely by FOHMS! Come along and feel proud of our efforts, while hearing about the school's plans for FOHMS for the year ahead!

FOHMS Annual General Meeting

You're invited:

Date: Wednesday 5 Oct
Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm
Venue: Hall, Maynard Road site


The AGM is very informal and we hope to be finished by 7.30pm. We would really love to see as many parents as possible come along.

At the meeting we'll:

  1. review how we've done over the past year (and what an amazing year it's been as everyone has rolled up their sleeves and worked hard to deliver some AMAZING projects & results)
  2. volunteer and vote for various roles on FOHMS' Committee and our Board of Trustees
  3. hear from our Headteachers Jill Pughe and Roxanna Kabra on the school's plans for the year ahead and new fundraising project(s) for FOHMS


Volunteer & Vote!

It's now a new team's turn to lead our Committee so please come along and put your hands up if you'd like to join us - everyone is welcome.

FOHMS Committee

Please Join Us - Many Hands Make Light Work

Our Committee is made up of many parent volunteers including 2 co-chairs and 2 vice chairs to share the work and decision making for fundraising, which is lead by the school.

Current Chair Laura Tulloch is stepping down. If you'd like to volunteer for one of the co-chair or vice-chair roles, or to help in other areas shown in the org chart, please contact Laura at

The more the merrier, and getting involved is fun and a great way to meet other parents at the school.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week. Everybody is welcome and very much needed.

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