Wanted: Old Batteries For New Play Equipment

Henry Maynard School Big Battery Hunt

Bring in your old batteries to help our school win £4,000 in outdoor playground equipment! 

As part of the school's commitment to being more sustainable as an Eco School, the school's Eco Team has signed us up to the nationwide Big Battery Hunt.

If our school collects the most batteries, we stand to win the top prize of £4,000 in outdoor playground equipment.

Please bring your old batteries to school in a box or bag to be added to our collection to help us win. The deadline to enter the prize draw is Friday 10 June 2022.

Winning new outdoor playground equipment will massively help towards the school's NEW fundraising focus, which is to improve the school's outdoor areas.

As FOHMS is the school's fundraising arm, raising funds to improve the school's outdoor areas is now our key focus.

To get involved, please say hi at hello@fohms.co.uk. We are an inclusive committee and would love to hear from you.

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