Winter Bazaar: Donations We'd Love & Others We Can't Accept

This Friday we're planning our first Winter Bazaar (School Fair) for almost 2 years and we'd love your help and donations, but this time there are some things we can't accept due to Covid…


Donations for this year's Winter Bazaar

This year we are are carefully planning the Winter Bazaar to be as Covid-safe as possible. 

Due to this we are limiting the number of stalls to reduce the handling and sorting of donations, which would take longer this year due to Covid.

We can therefore accept only a limited number of items - itemised below.  

Yes please! 

 books, games & puzzles 
 bought & home-baked cakes & biscuits with a list of ingredients (please bring on Friday)
 preloved Christmas jumpers
 willow branches, pine cones, glass jars and cereal packets
✓ bottles and chocolate for the Bottle Tombola and chocolate Tombola

No thank you

x  no toys (we are planning a Toy Swap early next year for these)
x  no bric-a-brac
x  home-baked cakes & biscuits that don't include a list of ingredients
x  no DVDs, CDs or VHS cassettes

Donations are now being gratefully received at both school offices until Thurs 2 Dec. (A big thank you to those who have already donated goods and to the office teams who are keeping them safe until Friday!)

Could you donate to the Raffle? (skills & expertise included)

Are you a local business owner, maker or crafter? Our raffle team is welcoming donations (including your skills & expertise) for our annual Winter Raffle.

    We’d love the raffle prizes to reflect the vast range of cultural backgrounds at the school. If you’re able to share or celebrate something from your heritage as your donation, please get in touch

    Can you spare any time on Friday Dec 3?

    We need volunteers to help with the Winter Bazaar this Friday. Just an hour of your time could make a big difference. If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch.



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